We Love Our Yorktown, VA Community

Yorktown is a very healthy and active community. We constantly see people jogging around the neighborhood or hiking the trails. The members of the community also like to involve the kids in outdoor activities. As well as the independent exercisers we see many families taking advantage of the open parks and recreation areas around. Major sports like, baseball, basketball, ice skate, gymnastic, horse riding, biking, football, kayak, water sports are all part of the atmosphere here. We love our Yorktown, VA community!

One reason we love our community is because of the helping hand our neighbors give. Between the YMCA, library and local churches our community is well served. There are classes for every age at the YMCA and exciting events at the library. Since the YMCA and library are neighbors they host many events together.

Yorktown, VA Community

The government offices are in the same area where history was made many years ago.  Our town is home to the early start of Virginia. Many of our local landmarks are from before the American Revolution. Yorktown, Va got it’s claim to fame as the spot the for American victory in the Revolutionary War. Places such as the Yorktown Battlefield and downtown Yorktown will show the historic value we hold near and dear to our hearts here. These signature locations continue to maintain living history. If you are looking for the local events you definitely want to check out the River Walk Landing. This location is home to many of the seasonal events in our area. Relax while looking out over the York River. This picturesque view will make every occasion memorable.  Come enjoy the days of old with actors in period clothing and activities from the good ol’ days.

Yorktown is full of history and a rich past. Our town aided in the surrender of The British General Charles Cornwallis and is also part of the historic triangle with Williamsburg and Jamestown. The Yorktown Battlefield is full of history and opportunities to learn about our past. This particular site was a struggle for the Continental Army during the American Revolution. The British General Charles Cornwallis paved the way for an American Victory by surrendering on the field of Yorktown VA. Realizing his opponents were better equipped and more prepared, he laid down his weapons, thus ending the war. The Colonial National Historic Park surrounds the quaint port village of Yorktown.

We love our Yorktown, VA community and we hope you do too! Ocean Storage Yorktown is your one stop shop in Yorktown, Virginia. We have all the supplies and tools you need to keep your house or business organized. So stop in to talk with us about local happenings or gather supplies to stay organized all year round.