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Advice for Storing Your Motorcycle or Vehicle Long Term
October 11, 2016

Advice for Storing Your Motorcycle or Vehicle Long Term

The time is now to start gathering advice for storing you motorcycle or vehicle long term. Before the temperatures drop too much we have come up with a few easy ways to make sure your bike or car will handle long term storage well.

Advice for Storing Your Motorcycle or Vehicle Long Term

  • A covered secure site is the best way to buffer your motorcycle or vehicle from harm during storage.
  • Meticulously detail the exterior and interior. If left on the car, dirt can absorb water and cause rust. Take extra care in areas that attract the most dirt when traveling, such as the underside and wheel wells.
  • Chains and hinges need to have a grease on them to keep them from freezing shut if the temperatures drop.
  • Constant unmoved pressure is tough on the suspension system. Alleviate the system and put an end to warped tires by propping the motorcycle or vehicle off the ground.
  • Do not get rid of or lessen any current insurance policies. As a safety measure retain proper insurance in case of vandalism.
  • After many trips in the summer your car’s oil can become filled with waste that will obstruct the lines that lead to the engine. Change the oil and other fluids that may have been contaminated with road dirt.
  • The battery will lose its charge if not used for a long period. Either attach a battery tender or remove the battery to keep the energy available for restart.
  • Lastly, have a licensed mechanic give it one last look to help catch any areas not cared for. Have the mechanic pin point any maintenance that should be worked on while the vehicle or motorcycle is out of commission.

Make it easy on yourself, use this advice for storing your vehicle or motorcycle long term. Call in to chat with us about your options for long term storage.