March 10, 2021

Tips to Pack Your Storage Unit Efficiently

Will you be preparing to back up a storage unit soon? As you get closer to your move-in date at Ocean Storage or Bay Storage, follow our tips below to pack your belongings safely and efficiently. Our storage offices sell supplies, like boxes and bubble wrap, to ensure you have all the materials you need to secure your items. See how we can help you by stopping by or calling the facility in the Virginia Beach area closest to you!

How to Pack Your Storage Unit

  1. Plan the layout of your storage unit ahead of time. Make sure you rent a storage unit large enough to leave some wiggle room. This will give you enough space to add an aisle that will let you access items on all sides of your unit. From there, consider placing valuable objects toward the back and boxes you will need to access more frequently in the front.
  2. Label boxes and bins to easily find specific items later. It can be as simple as marking the box as “pots & pans” or “tools.” Just give yourself some reference of what is inside, so later, you do not have to rummage through boxes when you need certain objects.
  3. In packing boxes and your storage unit, pack heavier objects on the bottom. They make the best foundation for stacking other items on top, and lighter objects will be protected from getting crushed.

how to pack a storage unit

Ocean Storage & Bay Storage Facilities Near Virginia Beach VA

With six self storage facilities in the Virginia Beach area, Ocean Storage and Bay Storage are the obvious choices for nearby residential and commercial storage. We offer drive-up and interior storage units for seasonal storage, holding your beach house objects throughout the winter, and so much more. Check us out today!

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