Contactless Storage Rentals
February 25, 2022

Online Storage Rentals in Virginia

Moving? Organizing? Downsizing? Take the stress out of storing your items with our self storage in Coastal Virginia. Ocean Storage and Bay Storage provide storage space to the surrounding Virginia Beach, Norfolk, Cape Charles, and Yorktown communities with online storage rentals for their Virginia home and vacation home needs. This speedy process of renting a storage unit near you makes storing your valuables easy while you search for a home or organize your office.

contactless storage rentals in Virginia

Online Storage Rentals for Ocean Storage & Bay Storage in Virginia

How to Rent Self Storage Online

  1. On the online rental page of the storage facility closest to you, choose an available storage unit. Enter your email address. 
  2. Enter the date you need to move into your storage unit. 
  3. Choose one of our storage protection plans (note: if you are using your own protection plan, please email or mail in a copy of your homeowners insurance declaration page ASAP). 
  4. Select a storage discount if one applicable. 
  5. Fill out your contact info and alternative contact info. 
  6. Enter your payment info, and review your order. Process your storage rentals once complete. 
  7. Further instructions will arrive in a follow-up email soon after. In that email, click “E-Sign Your Lease.” 
  8. Click “Upload Documents,” and upload a valid, up-to-date copy of your driver’s license. 
  9. Click “Sign Lease.” Fill out and sign all appropriate fields. 
  10. Move into your storage unit on your selected move-in date. 

How to Reserve Self Storage Online 

  1. On the online rental page of the storage facility closest to you, choose an available storage unit. Enter your email address. 
  2. Enter your contact info, and choose your move-in date. 
  3. Select a storage discount if applicable. 
  4. Complete your payment prior to your chosen move-in date.* 
  5. Move into your storage unit on your selected move-in date. 

*Note: You do not need to pay for your storage unit at the time of your reservation, but you do need to complete the payment before your expected move-in date. 

Our goal is to help you store your valuables fast and efficiently. Use our storage calculator to determine the right size storage unit then rent and start moving in the same day. See how easy it is to rent online with contactless storage rentals at Ocean Storage and Bay Storage.

Our Commitment to Keeping Tenants & Staff Safe

Since the pandemic continues on and it remains unpredictable, Ocean Storage and Bay Storage has safety measures in place to ensure that we can stop the spread of germs before it begins. First, we ask the same of our visitors and tenants that we do of our staff members:  Please stay home if you are feeling unwell. We have these contactless storage rentals in place to provide you with plenty of options to find storage with us, even without coming to our locations in person. Our professionals are monitoring their health, along with sanitizing regularly throughout our storage facilities. We are especially wiping down high-traffic points, like our offices. When you visit us in person, we will greet you from behind plexi-glass shields to provide further social distance between individuals. We want to continue maintaining safe storage facilities, and we thank you for your cooperation.

Ocean Storage & Bay Storage in Virginia

Our storage offices have on-site teams to keep your storage unit secure and to answer questions when they arise. We have knowledgeable professionals in-house to assist with paying your bill or renting a storage unit. If you would rather discuss our self-storage options, give us a call, email, or stop by any of our locations.

Find the Ocean Storage or Bay Storage location closest to you to start organizing your space! We have multiple self storage facilities across the Chesapeake-Cape Charles-Virginia Beach area.

Choose a location near you and start renting storage online now!

Off Laskin Road- Virginia Beach, VA
Northampton Blvd – Virginia Beach, VA
Professional Pkwy – Yorktown, VA
West Little Creek Road – Norfolk, VA
Off Battlefield Blvd – Chesapeake, VA 
Edinburgh – Chesapeake, VA 
Towne Point Road – Portsmouth, VA
Bay Storage – Cape Charles, VA

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