business storage

Can you benefit from business storage?

business storage

Are you a local business looking for a smart way to save space while still saving money? Ocean Storage and Bay Storage offer secure business storage units to make it easy for business owners find the space they need. We have the experts on site to help you through the process of finding the perfect storage unit.

Is space shrinking around your office? Consider storage at one of our locations and store all your tools, furniture and much more! Businesses use storage to keep items such as:

  • Décor- Are the holiday decorations stacked in the supply closet? Take back your space and keep the seasonal gear elsewhere. Our available space is key to organization at the office.
  • Extra inventory- Do you normally buy your office supplies in bulk? It’s always a smart idea to stock the supply closet but when you have too much consider a little extra space. Our storage is easily accessible so, come restock whenever you need to.
  • Work-related furniture- Items not currently needed, such as desks, chairs, workstations, flooring and customer seating.

When the paper boxes get too high and the desks stop the flow of production, a storage unit at Ocean Storage or Bay Storage is the answer! Come in to see what business storage options we have for you. Together we will improve your business!