Storing your summer gear

How to Get Your Summer Gear Ready

Soon you will be planning trips to the beach and mountains, do you have your summer gear ready? Outdoor equipment can get out of hand before the summer begins. Take control of the ciaos with Bay Storage and Ocean Storage. Our convenient storage options in Cape Charles, VA, Virginia Beach, VA, Shallotte, NC, and Yorktown, VA, offer the safe secure protection you are looking for.

Don’t let access hours put a damper on your family vacation, ask about extended hours. Most facilities offer 24-hour accessibility for a small fee. Talk with your manager about the options.

Stay on top of the summer fun with our summer gear tips below!

Storing your summer gear

Patio Furniture:

Clean off the dust and cobwebs that may have grown while in storage.

Make sure to tighten and secure all the screws and bolts on your patio equipment. Replace any rusted equipment with new.

Give the grill a thorough cleaning before using. Apply a lubricant to any moving parts to bring them back to life.

Dirt and debris can give your cushions a weathered look. Cleaning them up with a fresh cleaning, simply follow the instructions on the tag.

If you store your equipment outdoors during the winter, hot soapy water will remove most grim. Use a product like WD-40 for removing sap.

Kayak / Canoe

Store your personal boat on its side or on a shelf to help deter any animals from making a nice home.

A cover will keep your clean kayak or canoe looking perfect when you bring it out for the first warm day.

If you store any inflatable equipment be aware the summer heat and humidity can cause issues. Take inventory of all supplies and see what needs replaced.

When the summer sun starts heating things up don’t get stuck trying to find all your equipment. Get organized and ready for fun with Bay Storage and Ocean Storage.

how to store summer gear