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Organizing with Pinterest

It’s that time of year, to start spring cleaning. After a long winter hibernation, your house can get cluttered so fast. Bay Storage and Ocean Storage know how to help! We recommend Pinterest, a site full of helpful tips, pictures, and links for home improvement, special events, and most importantly, organization. You will be amazed by all the fun ideas you find. The links below will get you started, and keep you motivated. Let’s get organizing with Pinterest!

Organizing with Pinterest


  • Make a list and check it twice. Having a checklist will make it hard to miss those organizing details.
  • Find a cleaning schedule that works with you. Don’t rush through organizing, you won’t like the results.

Jump right in:

  • Use supplies you already have to make the most of your budget. Search for reuse and recycle ideas.
  • When you are going through each room it is easy to just have a discard and keep pile. Consider making a pile for re-purposing that way you reduce the amount of waste your house is producing.
  • These simple bedroom hacks will keep the clutter out of your space.
  • Don’t let the closet over take your bedroom.
  • Keep your bathroom guest ready at all times with these simple hacks to a spotless space.
  • Keep these clever kitchen ideas at the top of your mind the next time you clean up.

Manage your finances:

  • Pinterest has so many life hacks to take advantage of. Consider making an ICE book (In Case of Emergency).
  • Life gets hectic pretty fast. One way to stay on top of everyone’s schedule is to keep a family calendar.
  • If budgeting is new to you and you need some help figuring out the finances, Pinterest has easy to follow steps.

Pinterest offers so many great links to sites with helpful information. Bay Storage and Ocean Storage are happy to help when the house needs a little coordinating. Stop in to talk with us about all the other possibilities on Pinterest.