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recycle near me

Where to recycle near you

After the summer BBQ’s and vacations are over it is time to start thinking about getting ready for cooler weather. Bay Storage and Ocean Storage have the space to protect your gear and show you where the best places are to recycle near you. If you are need help finding a public self storage facility or tips to organizing your seasons look no further. We have the answers to assist you.

recycle near me

Since summer is ending and fall is coming fast now is the ideal time to go through your house, office and storage unit. Look for any item that needs replaced or donated. Send your broken beach pales to the recycling plant while the out dated clothes are given to a nearby thrift store. These are just a few ways to help save your space and give back to the community we love!

Cleaning out the garage to make room the car or winter gear? If scrap wood and metal are taking over, look for a scrap yard for each specific material. There are salvage yards that will dispose of metal, wood and even old car parts. If you need to get rid of old car parts another option is to talk with your mechanic about recycling with them.

Upgrading the electronics around the house? If you are trading in your cell phone contact your provider for assistance with the older model. A local tech support store, like Best Buy is another location for electronic donations.

You local trash service is the best resource to use when disposing of hazardous waste. Whether it is oil or gas, they will have the answers you need to stay environmentally aware and safe.

Get ready for fall with Bay Storage and Ocean Storage. Let us help you recycle what is not necessary after the road trip and vacations. For all your must keep belongings we have the space to protect it until next year.