Virginia Affordable Storage

10 Reasons You Could Need Storage

Would moving some of your belongings to storage save you some much need spaced? Here at Ocean Storage we are providing assistance to customers going through all sorts of life changes. Having a place to safely keep your beloved possessions can transform a tense change in your life into something much smoother and pleasing. You probably are curious if self storage is meant for you. Below we have various number of reasons and situations that our Virginia affordable storage options can help and or have helped customers in the past.

Virginia Affordable StorageYou Could Need Storage If…

  1. Renovating an area of your home (i.e: garage, basement, den, family room, bedroom).
  2. Children returning home for the summer from college.
  3. Recently changed your relationship status.
  4. Starting a online business.
  5. Storing work equipment and inventory.
  6. Relocating for work.
  7. Storing seasonal items and decorations.
  8. Storing hobby and sport equipment.
  9. Downsizing your home or helping a family member downsize.
  10. Selling your home.

Our Ocean Storage facilities take great joy in being the storage facility you think of when seeking out extra space. Additionally we work exceptionally hard to be more than just your ordinary storage unit rental. Check out how all our locations are making strides to boost the customer experience.

Ocean Storage Norfolk VA – West Little Creek Road

Self Storage in Norfolk VA allows you much needed relief knowing your belongings are in great hands. Our location on West Little Creek Road is a state-of-the-art temperature controlled facility with a retail center. With moving trucks available as a beneficial feature we offer to the customers, come talk with our onsite manager and express any questions or concern you have. Our experts will happily assist you and help guide you to finding the perfect unit.

Ocean Storage Virginia Beach VA – Laskin

As one of our two Ocean Storage facilities in Virginia Beach VA, Laskin offers the option of something not typically seen on the grounds of a storage facility. Laskin offers the option for their customers to purchase wine storage. If you are a wine lover get in contact with our store or assistant manager to inquire more information on these units. Need a location for your business to have packages delivered? Laskin also offers this option, which is another reason they are separating from competition.

Ocean Storage Virginia Beach VA – Northampton Boulevard

Northampton Boulevard is the second location we have in Virginia Beach VA. We accept commercial invoices and deliveries for your personal business. With freight sized elevators you do not have worry about hauling your belongings up flights of stairs to get to your temperature controlled unit. Come stop by our facility and get help from our experts so you never have to ask yourself the question, “which storage unit would be the right fit for my needs?” again.

Ocean Storage Yorktown VA

Our Yorktown Virginia affordable storage facility is a brand new, state-of-the-art facility with many beneficial features being offered to the customers. To start off, we have retail space and a conference room for lease. Additionally we have a connection with U-haul rentals so if you are moving to or from Yorktown VA, you can get a free truck rental quote while at Ocean Storage. We want our customers to benefit in multiple ways besides just storage. This is why we continue to strive to provide features our customers will want.

Bay Storage – Cape Charles VA

Bay Storage in Cape Charles VA has unmatched quality and service. With conventional drive up units our facility has fencing around the entire property, computerized entry, and digitally video recordings ensuring safety for our customs and their belongings. With outdoor parking spaces, our facility holds cars, boats, and RV’s so you do not have to worry about having room at your home for these vehicles. Come talk to our experts if you have any questions or concerns and they will gladly assist you in getting the answers you need.


Living in Virginia or specifically towards Virginia Beach and could benefit from extra storage space? Check out our Virginia affordable storage options and take advantage of the beneficial opportunities our facilities have to offer!