business storage solutions

Business Storage Solutions: Solving Your Extra Inventory Needs

Every business struggles with what to do with extra supplies. Whether the trouble is in the filing cabinets or your inventory is stock piled, self storage can be one of many business storage solutions. Our self storage facilities all have units to make your life at work a little easier. If you are expanding to fast or the home office can not handle production, self storage may be the next step.

business storage solutions

Useful ways storage works

Image is everything when showing a house and no one understands this better then realtors. Between the yard signs promoting an open house, to staging equipment, storage is a must have for the real estate industry.

The most common use for storage we see businesses use is to manage inventory. So the busy season does not take your whole stock, keeping a reserve may be helpful. In order to ensure your shop is clutter free and ready for customers, self storage offers a safe location for extras.

Not only can we help you store your business but our Yorktown VA location can help you run your business. With a professional setting and offices for rent, our Yorktown Business Center can give your business the appearance you want.

Industries using storage

  • Mr. / Mrs. Fix it Companies
  • Etsy Stores
  • Small Businesses
  • Antique Collectors

Make our business storage solutions work for you! Ocean Storage and Bay Storage have several facilities in Coastal Virginia that are ready to serve you. Take a look around on a tour with our experts or rent online.