Cape Charles VA Storage Solutions

Cape Charles VA Storage Solutions and Charitable Acts

It is that time of year again, where we sit and enjoy each others company. If you are looking for a way to make a difference in the community, let Bay Storage help. Not only are our Cape Charles VA storage solutions readily available, but we are giving back this season.

During the months of November and January we are supporting a family in need through Northampton County Social Services department. Through your help and businesses nearby, we aim to make this a special time.

The Northampton County Social Services department works extremely hard to provide a safe haven for children and families seeking shelter and life assistance. They are there to provide benefits and services to the members of Northampton County. The ultimate goal is to preserve families and promote a healthy lifestyle. They offer temporary assistance, child care, and many other beneficial programs.

Everyone who works within this determined organization, wants to teach people self sufficiency, respect, and all together how to be independent. While preserving and restoring families, the Northampton County Social Services makes sure each household has what they need to make it through tough times. Whether that be assistance with the grocery bill or a safer place to call home, the dedicated staff are there to help.

In the above picture is Social Services Director, Pat Simpkins with our facility manager. Director Simpkins stopped by the store to accept the gifts everyone was so generous to donate. The Bay Storage staff and customers were so proud to help our family in need. Each child on our list received a minimum of 6 gifts.

Thank you to everyone who stopped by with a donation for our family at the Northampton County Social Services. Together we were able to make this season something special for a family who has fallen on hard times.

After the holidays are over, do not forget to get your new year organization tips here! Our Cape Charles VA storage solutions will help store holiday decor, winter gear and any other treasures you have.