Common College Storage Mistakes

Common College Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Are you looking for affordable state college storage units this summer for your break? Look no further than Ocean Storage of Virginia for all of your storage needs. Conveniently offering six locations, our friendly and knowledgeable storage experts work closely with individual and business customers every day. Read our helpful guide on common college storage mistakes to avoid today, and learn why Ocean Storage is the premier self-storage destination in Virginia!

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Avoid Clutter – Organize Your Storage Unit Efficiently

Save yourself a headache when you return from break – organize your unit efficiently for an easier time unpacking. Consider creating an overhead map of your storage unit’s layout for easier navigation. Additionally, utilize excel to create a spreadsheet of all inventory loaded in. Be sure to label any boxes or storage bins, and take advantage of your storage unit’s “vertical space” – larger bins should be stored on the base level of your unit, whereas smaller and more lightly packed boxes can be stacked on top. Position smaller boxes with season clothing or textbooks closer to your unit’s door for easy accessibility. Lastly, be sure to wrap larger items in protective coverings such as plastic wrap or blankets. Avoid the hassle of a poorly packed storage unit!

Avoid Overpacking – Sell or Donate Unneeded Items

Your storage unit offers a finite amount of storage space. As such, you might want to consider selling or donating any items you might not need when you return from your summer break. That stained and sagging floral print sofa in the corner, or that bulky tv you never got to use? Consider posting them for sale on your campus’ message board, or you can list them on a local area marketplace. They might not be worth much, but the goal is eliminating unnecessary storage space, so any small sale will be helpful.

Alternatively, you can choose to donate your unneeded items. Donate any unnecessary items to an area church or thrift store, or you can simply leave them  with your friends that live in the area. Regardless of the method, you will want to make the most efficient use of your storage unit by only packing and storing what you deem is necessary for your return.

Avoid Downsizing – Pick the Right Size Storage Unit

As we’ve previously discussed, your storage unit offers a limited amount of space. As a cash strapped college student you might be considering renting the smallest storage unit, but know this – there is nothing worse than running out of storage space mid-move. Consider upgrading your unit to a larger size to avoid the hassle of an overly cramped storage unit. Moving.com details the amount of space you might need in a recent article discussing storage tips for college students. They note that a 5×5 sized storage unit should be sufficient space for a small dorm room or one-bedroom apartment, but that you should consider upgrading to a 5×10 unit if you live in a two or three-bedroom apartment. Use this estimate as a reference when considering your storage unit rental.

Equally as helpful, Ocean Storage of Virginia offers the usage of a free storage calculator to plan your rental. Simply input any items you plan to store, and this handy calculator provides an estimate of the amount of space you will need, and subsequently what size storage unit you might want to consider. Avoid downsizing to a smaller unit – rent the right size storage unit for your needs!

Ocean Storage – Locations Throughout Virginia

Visit Ocean Storage today for affordable state college storage units in the greater Virginia area. Ocean Storage is the leading provider of self storage solutions with key locations in the Coastal Virginia market, especially Virginia Beach VA and Yorktown VA. Our facilities deliver secure, modern facilities, with competitive pricing to meet any individual’s or business’ needs. Additionally, enjoy the convenience of month-to-month rental options – this is the perfect feature for college students looking for affordable self storage options this summer break. Avoid common college storage mistakes this summer and rent with us today!

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