Holiday Decoration Storage

Holiday Decoration Storage

Are you ready to take down the remnants of the holiday season? When you need extra space to organize your items long-term or short-term while you organize, Ocean Storage and Bay Storage can assist with affordable solutions. Browse our online selection, or visit the location closest to you. We have 10 locations in the Virginia Beach area ready to help with your holiday decoration storage. Follow these tips for an easy packing process. 

Holiday Decoration Storage 101

Holiday Decoration Storage Tips

Wrap Your Tree

If you do not still have the original box that the artificial tree came in, you can purchase a similar-sized box or a tree bag to hold it while in storage. Include padding when packing to keep it from falling around. Be gentle as you fold in the branches to preserve as many needles as possible. 

Give Ornaments Padding

You do not want some of your most special memorabilia to get damaged while packed away. For especially breakable materials, like glass, you should wrap them individually in newspaper. Generally, your ornaments will stay safe as long as you add bubble wrap or other padding to the box. Use leftover cardboard to create compartments for each ornament to organize them inside the box.

Moisture-Proof Wrapping Supplies

It is a good idea to keep all your wrapping supplies—paper, gift bags, tissue paper, ribbons, etc—in one place to stay organized. Whether that is in a storage unit or in your home is based on what works for you and how frequently you need to wrap gifts. If you have a lot of holiday-specific supplies that will only be used one month out of the year, it may be worth finding additional storage space to keep your home storage from overcrowding.

Virginia Beach’s Holiday Decoration Storage

When you need self storage, you do not have to look far. Ocean Storage has nine locations in the Virginia Beach area, and Bay Storage has one. Equipped with the finest self storage options, our facilities are well-lit and secure. Whether you need residential or commercial storage, we have a range of sizes and features for our storage units. Stop by the closest facility to you to see how we can help get you organized!

Looking to rent self storage today? Check out our online storage rentals to view the storage units we currently have available at each storage facility. Take a long look at the items you are hoping to store, and identify their storage needs. For example, moisture-sensitive objects are better protected from damage in an indoor or temperature-controlled storage unit. On the flip side, you may want ease of accessibility as your biggest feature. Drive-up storage units make it efficient to swap items in and out quickly.

Find self storage for any situation with Ocean Storage and Bay Storage. You can contact our offices or refer to our self storage FAQ with questions about our storage facilities or rental process. See how renting self storage can help you create space in your home and stay organized year-round!

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