Local Storage Options

Is Local Storage The Option You Need For Back To School Prep

Have you ever needed a little extra space for just a few months? This time of year swapping your summer gear for fall items is top of the to-do list and Ocean Storage and Bay Storage are here to help! Our local storage is along the Eastern Coast of Virginia in several neighborhoods. With your storage unit close by storing camping gear or beach toys has never been so easy.

Are your kids heading back to school for another successful year? We thought it may be helpful to get organized around the house too! Find your local storage option and solutions for getting the kids ready for another school year here.

Local Storage Options

Tips for the Start of School

  1. Get out the door on time by setting other alarms other than the first wake up, 10 minutes before the bus is helpful.
  2. Kids can pick out their outfits for the week and lay them out in a vertical hanging shoe rack.
  3. Leave a reminder for kids on the family command center. A shopping list and calendar are also great tools to add here.
  4. Go online with your organization and use apps to stay in the know of everyone’s schedule.
  5. Extra supplies in the car mak forgetful mornings a little less stressful.

What To Store For Fall

  1. Camping gear can be moved to storage and kept in plastic bins so you can easily find tools you need for the next trip.
  2. Storing appliances or toys with wheels need to have the correct PSI measurement.
  3. Using shelves in your storage unit can organize your boxes and items.
  4. Shelves are also great for storing personal boats during the cooler months.
  5. Swap clothing and store it properly with the help of fashion experts at InStyle.

Ocean Storage and Bay Storage are proud to be your local storage option near you! Talk with a storage expert about features you need or choose a location and rent online anytime.