We Love Our Virginia Beach, VA Neighborhood

Virginia Beach is the prime location for travelers to come enjoy the waves, learn about local history and dive into all the local cuisine. Ocean Storage Laskin is proud to be one of the many businesses thriving in this town. We love our Virginia Beach, VA neighborhood so much we have a few of our “favorites” to share with you. These are just a few of the reasons that Virginia is so special to us.

Virginia Beach, VA Neighborhood

This historic land has many stories to share. From Cape Henry Lighthouse to First Landing State Park, we cherish these treasures. When the town first originate they were seeing a problem on the shores. Local sailors were not able to find their way home. The topic of Cape Henry’s Lighthouse was originally brought up to the colonists in 1627 as way to solve this problem. The colonists at the time did not a president for this monument. The topic was dropped and not brought up until 1727 when the lighthouse finally came to fruition.

Another great spot to see while in Virginia Beach is the Oceana Naval Air Station. This location is home to over 300 F/A 18 Hornet and Super Hornet strike fighters. For the history buff in your family we recommend this significant site. If you want to learn more about our local history stop in the Atlantic Wildfowl Heritage Museum. This site is also historic to our town and gives visitors a chance to learn about how life was really like back on the coast.

Ocean Storage Laskin is grateful for our local community. We wanted to thank our tenants, and neighborhood friends for your continued support of Love & Caring Ministries! Start Packing Movers made it possible to transport the donated household items to the local shelter at no cost to Ocean Storage Laskin. Thank you Billy! Our Tenants donated so many items in 2015-2016, we were able to drop off four entire truck loads. These items help the woman who graduated the program and need help furnishing their new homes. Thank you to all who have donated!

Also, Keller Williams’s agent, Alex Pappas has agreed to donate 20% of each of his personal commissions to Love & Caring ministries! Alex has also agreed to fund the expansion of the shelter, once his personal cap is met in the future to be able to help more battered women & children. (As it is not state or government funded, Love & Caring Ministries is run by local donations only) 2017 offers a lot of possibilities and we look forward to them all!

We are also PROUD sponsors of all Beach Events in the Hampton roads area. Thank you, Beach Events, for all that you do for our community! The Virginia Beach International Student Outreach Program (VB ISOP) is another organization that is helping others in our community. This organization offers a unique experience for travelers around the world to learn about a new culture, job and develop new friends. Our community opens their arms and welcomes everyone who is traveling.

Ocean Storage Laskin is proud to be the storage experts for the Virginia Beach neighborhood. Stop in to get supplies when moving or see what is going on in the neighborhood.