Moving Long Distance

Moving Long Distance: How Storage Can Help

Moving to a new state or even to a new neighborhood can be a challenge. With Ocean Storage and Bay Storage, you have a safe place to store your belongings when you need it. A temperature controlled storage unit in Yorktown VA could be just what you need to store your fragile items while you settle in to the new house. Maybe you need to rent a moving truck in Cape Charles, Bay Storage has the answers.

Find self storage units near you to ease your move today!

Summer storage is helpful for our college students and families planning a big move. With this month’s moving checklist you will be ready on moving day!

Moving Long Distance

Before Moving Day

  1. Stay organized with labels and marked boxes. Clearly mark everything with its location at the new house.
  2. Start to get moving quotes from long distance movers.
  3. Reserve your storage unit two weeks in advance.
  4. Pick up moving supplies in our office for fast easy packing. Start packing now and move your gear into storage.
  5. Talk with your realtor or check out our neighborhood friends boards for local businesses. From where to eat on your first night to a handyman in the area, we have you covered.

After Moving Day

  1. Now it is time to update your address. Find a full list of places to notify here.
  2. Veteran Affairs and Social Security offices need to know before the 10 day mark.
  3. Update your address with your online accounts like Amazon, Netflix etc.
  4. Fill up your kitchen cabinets with basics you may have run low on while moving.
  5. Take a look in your linen closet for what cleaning supplies you need as well.

From updating your address to finding a secure storage space nearby after a move, Ocean Storage and Bay Storage make moving a little easier. Moving and storage can go hand in hand and our experts can show you the way. Give us a call with your questions about storing today! You can also rent online!