storage packing tips

Packing for storage, all you need to know

Looking for storage for the spring? As winter draws to an end and the warmer weather arrives, spring cleaning and moving are our main focus. Ocean Storage and Bay Storage know the solutions for renewing a home after a closed up winter. If the plan is switching houses at the first sign of summer, these storage packing tips will point you in the direction for success. Give the house a deep clean before the first summer get together, by clearing the living room out.

With a couple tips from the experts you trust, your home will be ready for a cookout or the next open house.

storage packing tips

  • Leave no surface uncleaned. Move furniture to another room or to a small storage unit so you can get rid of dust and dirt fast.
  • Go through the house collecting things that are in the wrong room. Remember to pack them with belongings from the room they belong in.
  • On the exterior of the box label with what is inside and where it needs to go.
  • When packing the truck for storage, keep boxes from the same room together for easy unpacking.
  • Shelves and tables may be better stored disassembled. A way to keep the hardware with the right pieces would be to tape the bag of small screws to the furniture after taking it apart.
  • If you storing old appliances, let moisture evaporate before storage by leaving the door open.
  • Prepare artwork for a move by taping the glass or mirror with an “X”.
  • Your organization method will come in handy when the truck arrives at the unit. The items in the back will be closer to the front; these should be items you need often.

Our storage packing tips are here to get ready for the next move this spring as well as beneficial for all the spring cleaners out there.