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Save on Storage When You Refer a Friend

Moving to the Virginia Beach area soon? Ocean Storage and Bay Storage together have six self storage facilities in the area to serve you no matter where you are. We have online resources to make renting simple, and you can even save money when you refer a friend to our services. Each of you will receive $50 off your next storage rental. We have helped many people move to new spaces since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, so we looked at why more people than normal decided on then to move, especially away from big cities.

3 Reasons People Moved From Cities

  1. Affordability. In the beginning of the pandemic, companies were laying off hundreds of people at a time. For those that had to deal with city rent with little to no income, the expenses of living in the city were not worth staying there.
  2. Health and Wellbeing. Cities especially had harsh restrictions for COVID-19 precautions. But even if you follow all the rules you are supposed to follow, the city still exposes you to many other people every time you leave your house.
  3. Proximity to Support System. When the pandemic hit, there was a lot of uncertainty. People found comfort in their support systems, and a lot of city residents with the means to temporarily live elsewhere with family or friends took the opportunity.

Save at Ocean Storage and Bay Storage & Refer a Friend

Ready to start planning for your move to Virginia Beach. We have storage facilities from Chesapeake to Cape Charles to help you organize your belongings. Our storage professionals are available on-site or over the phone to help walk you through the storage process. You can handle your rental completely contact free, but they are still in the office to answer any questions. Rent or reserve storage with Ocean Storage or Bay Storage today!

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