Self Storage Tips

Seasonal Self Storage Tips

Seasonal storage and the steps you need to know when moving to storage, is just the start of how Ocean Storage and Bay Storage can help. We have multiple storage facilities equipped with storage units and self storage tips to make storing anytime of year, a breeze. We offer our customers temperature controlled storage options and drive up storage units they need to keep outdoor equipment in tip top shape.

Find self storage tips that will prepare you for the storage unit before you arrive.

Self Storage Tips

  • The first step to tearing down the patio is cleaning all your pieces. Soap is useful on most materials to breakdown grim from a season outside.
  • After everything is cleaned, furniture covers make your hard work last until next year. When it is time to uncover everything, it will be painted and ready for the first outdoor cookout.
  • Labeling boxes will save you a headache when you come to the storage unit in the spring. Find what you need at the storage unit right away with labels.
  • Temperature controlled storage units prevent precious items from dealing with changing seasons. If the weather fluctuates, so do your items, and that can be tough on antiques and other fragile items.
  • Before storing, cleaning the grill is a must! Critters love leftover food on a grill, but your belongings will end up suffering from these unwanted guests. Scrub, clean, and sanitize the grill before moving it to the storage unit.
  • Leave propane tanks at home, in a safe location. Even empty propane tanks are not permitted in your storage unit.

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