secure storage for dorm room

Secure Storage for Storing your Dorm Room

Ready to start storing for the summer? Secure storage is just a click away with Ocean Storage and Bay Storage. Our coastal Virginia storage units are convenient for those college students who call our community home or the students planning to head back home. When school lets out for the summer you need somewhere to store your books and dorm room materials, we have the answers! Not only do we have the space to store your gear but we also have tips to help you get moved in and on to vacation faster.

First you want to decide which unit is right for you. Tell us what you need to store and we will suggest the right size unit for your situation. As soon as you know which unit you need, and the date you need it, reserve the space. You can call us or find a location near you and follow the steps to rent online.

We aim to keep our storage units affordable, with competitive pricing and storage deals. You may even consider sharing with a friend to save even more for the road trip. Talk with us when it comes time to store your dorm room for summer break!