seasonal storage

Top 3 Tips for Storing Sporting Goods

Do you enjoy all types of sports? If you are the athlete of the family you understand the need for space with your sporting equipment. A seasonal storage unit offers options for the athlete and chef of the sporting events. Tailgating is the exciting party before the big event. Burgers on the grill, drinks in the cooler, and relaxing under the canopy, is all part of the sports experience. Once the whistle blows for the end of the game it is time to clean up. Use these tips for moving everything back into storage.

seasonal storage

What to do with flammable items

Does the charcoal bag have enough for one more cookout? Storing anything flammable in your unit is not advised. These items should have their own area that is dry and away from heat. If you do not want to store them at your home, get a few extra packs of burgers and hot dogs and invite some friends over to watch some post season games while cooking up a fresh batch of food.

Keep your fans at the stadium

Sports draw the most crowds but once the excitement is over make sure you keep the crowds at the stadium. Cleaning is extremely important before commencing a season. The grill saw many delicious kebabs and burgers but your storage unit will invite other unwanted fans if you do not clean the surfaces. Keep rodents and bugs away from your sports treasures with a little hot soapy water.

Protecting sports treasures

If you are a collector as well as an avid fan, your sports flyers and jersey are protected here. Give each season their moment in the light by swapping out your memorabilia.

From the baseball card collection to your tailgating coolers, a seasonal storage unit at our VA Beach, Norfolk VA, Cape Charles VA, or Shallotte NC facility are ideal.