Long Term Storage

Vehicles, Boats, and RVs: Tips for Long Term Storage

What do you need to know when storing your RV, vehicle, or boat? Ocean Storage and Bay Storage have tips for each item during long term storage. Our 4 locations in coastal Virginia make storing seasonal items stress free. When you need extra space in Norfolk VA, Virginia Beach VA, Yorktown VA, or Cape Charles VA, Ocean and Bay Storage can help! Get started with a few pointers for your long term storage.

Long Term Storage

RV Storage Tips

Inflate the tires to maximum PSI. Exceeding the recommended pressure or not filling the tires up all the way, can cause flat tires.

Leave the fridge open after cleaning it out. Built up moisture can cause mold and mildew to form while in storage, and a dark sealed fridge is the perfect environment.

Vehicle Storage Tips

Instead of the parking brake, use wheel chocks to keep your vehicle secure.

Putting the car on jacks is another easy way to avoid flat spots in tires.

Boat Storage Tips

A heavy duty cover will keep rain and debris off.

Salt water can do damage to the sheen on your boat, clean off the exterior after the last trip out on the water.

Ocean Storage and Bay Storage have storage units ready for your seasonal storage needs. Even though our storage units are not large enough to house your summer vehicles during the off season, our storage professionals have quick suggestions on long term storage. Let us know what you need help storing and we will be happy to guide you through the process.

Self storage should not be a challenge or time consuming, that is why we make it easy for our customers to find their ideal storage space online.