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Virginia Affordable Storage
Virginia Affordable Storage
10 Reasons You Could Need Storage
July 31, 2019

Would moving some of your belongings to storage save you some much need spaced? Here at Ocean Storage we are providing assistance to customers going through all sorts of life changes. Having a place to safely keep your beloved possessions can transform a tense change in your life into something much smoother and pleasing. You […]

storage packing tips
Packing for storage, all you need to know
March 7, 2018

Looking for storage for the spring? As winter draws to an end and the warmer weather arrives, spring cleaning and moving are our main focus. Ocean Storage and Bay Storage know the solutions for renewing a home after a closed up winter. If the plan is switching houses at the first sign of summer, these […]

seasonal storage
Top 3 Tips for Storing Sporting Goods
January 15, 2018

Do you enjoy all types of sports? If you are the athlete of the family you understand the need for space with your sporting equipment. A seasonal storage unit offers options for the athlete and chef of the sporting events. Tailgating is the exciting party before the big event. Burgers on the grill, drinks in […]

temperature controlled storage units
Benefit From Our Must Have Northampton Blvd Storage Options
October 9, 2017

Are you ready to start coordinating your space? Find the best solutions with Ocean Storage on Northampton Blvd storage options. When it comes time to bring in the summer chairs and take out the holiday decorations, we are your go to solution for organizing. Our must have features make storing a dream and our on […]

secure self storage near me
Benefit From Our Must Have Yorktown VA Storage Options
October 9, 2017

At Ocean Storage on 105 Professional Place we make storage Yorktown VA storage options simple. Our features will amaze you and improve your space as well as your business. We help many York County neighborhood businesses and customers when a little extra room is needed. See how our space is benefiting those in our community. […]

temperature controlled storage units
Benefit From Our Must Have Shallotte NC Storage Options
October 9, 2017

How do you save space most efficiently with our Shallotte NC storage options? Ocean Storage offers storage space for a variety of customers. Our storage units are benefiting home owners, business entrepreneurs and many others. Along with our convenient Brunswick County location, our experts are top of the line. They are a great resources to […]

Online bill pay
Benefit From Our Must Have Virginia Beach VA Storage Options
October 9, 2017

Here at Ocean Storage on South Oriole Drive our goal is to find Virginia Beach VA storage options that work. We have a variety of customers who stop for packing supplies, moving tips, and most of all self storage. Our safe and convenient facility is ideal for beach goers and families moving to the area. Whether […]

moving supplies
Benefit From Our Must Have Cape Charles VA Storage Options
October 9, 2017

How are you utilizing storage options in Cape Charles VA? Bay Storage is home away from home for many customers in the surrounding Northampton County area. Since we offer personal storage options and business storage units, our space is the prime location when searching for extra room. There are many benefits to storing with us; […]

recycle near me
Where to recycle near you
September 6, 2017

After the summer BBQ’s and vacations are over it is time to start thinking about getting ready for cooler weather. Bay Storage and Ocean Storage have the space to protect your gear and show you where the best places are to recycle near you. If you are need help finding a public self storage facility […]

business storage
Can you benefit from business storage?
August 8, 2017

Are you a local business looking for a smart way to save space while still saving money? Ocean Storage and Bay Storage offer secure business storage units to make it easy for business owners find the space they need. We have the experts on site to help you through the process of finding the perfect […]